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This was the website of the Westville Gallery for a number of years.
Content is from the site's 2005 - 2011 archived pages.
The Da Silva Gallery was establish by Gabriel Da Silva in 2010, as part of an expansion of the parent company, The Frame Shop & Westville Gallery, LLC..
Their current website is found at: http://dasilva-gallery.com/



Eng Tay
March 24 - April 14 2007
Sculpture - Oils - Etchings
Opening reception March 24 6pm - 9pm


Barry Zaret

March 12 - April 9 2009
Opening Reception: March 12 6:00 - 8:00

Dr. Barry L. Zaret has been actively painting for 15 years in addition to his career as a cardiologist and as former Chief of Cardiology and the Robert W. Berliner Professor of Medicine at Yale. He works almost exclusively in oils and concentrates predominantly on landscapes. He is largely self taught, but has been influenced by personal relationships with the late New York artist and sculptor, Chaim Gross, and the Israeli artist, Avner Moriah. His work has been shown at the Arts Council of Greater New Haven, the Greene Art Gallery in Guilford, the New Haven Jewish Community Center, the Hartford Jewish Community Center, the Westville Gallery in New Haven, Becket Art Center, Becket, MA, and the Chester Theater in Chester, MA. His paintings have also been featured in exhibitions displayed in association with the Annual Yale Cello Concert at Sprague Hall. Three and a half years ago he moved his studio from Woodbridge, CT to East Otis, MA in the Berkshires.

In addition to being a part of many local collections, his paintings are displayed in private collections in New York City, Westchester, Columbia County, New York; West Stockbridge, Pittsfield, MA; Columbus, Ohio; Philadelphia; Irvine, California; London, Cesena, Italy; Jerusalem, Safed, Cairo, Hong Kong and Prague.

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DaSilva Gallery

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The Da Silva Gallery was establish by Gabriel Da Silva in 2010, as part of an expansion of the parent company, The Frame Shop & Westville Gallery, LLC.  Mr. Da Silva purchase the business from the original owners in 2002, The Frame Shop was founded in 1967 in the Westville section of the city of New Haven, and it has been here ever since.

Phone: (203) 387-2539
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Robert S Greenberg's
New Haven on the Crocs
February 18th - March 10th

Artist Robert Greenberg, a Rhode Island School of Design graduate with studios in New York City, Newport, RI and New Haven, CT., aims to educate children and adults on important events in Amercian History. While highlighting noteworthy local events, inventions and personalities, Greenberg celebrates the significance of each geographic location to our country as a whole.

As a RISD graduate myself as well as an admirer of Greenberg's crocodile art, I made the trip to New Haven to see this show. Wearing one of my new North Face down jackets to keep the cold at bay, I took the train from NYC for the opening. I don't know but New Haven just seems colder and more raw than NYC. Thank goodness for the North Face technology and Bobs Sports Chalet. I have several of their jackets for different times of the year from their soft shell jacket to this new down jacket. This might be designed for ski mountaineering, backcountry skiing and alpine climbing, but it sure fits the bill for New England winter weather in an urban setting just as well.

If you have read any press about Greenberg: you will know thw answer to: Why Crocodiles? Building upon the urban myth about reptiles living beneath the streets of New York City, Greenberg explains how he felt when he first moved to Times Square:

Much in the same fashion as Roy Lichtenstein, who used black line to trap his color, Greenberg utilizes the concept of enlarging a small cartoon sketch to a larger format. The enlarged images, some well known to the city or town are parody and create lively fun conversation about the subject matter similar to Lichtenstein's. The artists intention is to celebrate the history of different towns and cities in the country, then compile favorite images into a large show about America. Hopefully all ethnic groups and ages will enjoy it while learning something new.

Well, we sure do.


Gordon Skinner
"Hard Works"
September 20 - October 19
Artist Reception:
Thursday, September 20th 6-9pm

Artist Gordon Skinner has described his artwork as Integrity Art. It's his own brand of art that he defines simply as "Art that is real and honest, and promotes creative consistency". Skinner's solo show at the Da Silva Gallery, which runs from September 20 through October 19th is titled "Hard Works - The Artwork of Gordon Skinner". The title is a double entendre of sorts. On one hand the title describes Skinner's collection of paintings comprised primarily of intimate portraits that are expressive in nature with bold colors and a hard edge to them. He calls the characters he paints on his canvas "masks", and although they are fictional beings that exist on the other side of the canvas they are reflections of real people and often times the experiences of Skinner himself. Hard Works also touches on the work ethic required of the artist to create this body of work, while simultaneously working three jobs in the human services field and painting in between. The result is not only an honest expression of an artist painting the world as he sees it and would like to see it, but also encouraging others to work hard to pursue their passions in life.

Gordon Skinner
Published : Tuesday, 11 Sep 2012, 1:48 PM EDT
(WTNH) -- Gordon Skinner talks about his upcoming solo art show "Hard Works" at the Da Silva Gallery in New Haven starting September 20th.
Gordon Skinner is an artist who paints with a very raw and honest approach to his paintings. He calls his style of art Integrity Art. Many of his paintings are intimate portraits that art abstract and expressive in nature.
Gordon began painting in 2009 after previously making fashion inspired collages. His paintings have been exhibited in contemporary galleries throughout Connecticut and NYC. Gordon is also the subject of a documentary on him and his art.
Gordon's solo art show has it's opening reception on September 20th from 6-9pm. The show will continue for one month until October 19th at The Da Silva Gallery, located at 899 Whalley Avenue in New Haven


Other artists with shows at the Westville Gallery / Da Silva Gallery:

Jacob Pongratz
Artist's Statement

The major goal in producing my art is to apply a primal energy that solidifies my experience as a human to canvas. A fluid approach of spontaneity and confusion is essential to my finished product. The subject matter is one of universal understanding; it is the reflection of one's self that matters most, using abstract forms to unbalance any preconceived notions of rationale. What little representations that do exist are merely adaptations of the primary idea into more fully developed forms. My willingness to let go of the customary subjects and examine the idea of belief and ideas existing beyond the plane of paint on canvas has given me opportunities to exploit my enthusiasm.

My own methods of art making are straightforward, in that they truly have no convention only habits may define them and impulsiveness frees them. That process in itself is key in the outcome I deem necessary. A true palette is conceived with minimum contemplation and with total finality knowing that it will be utterly consumed by the conclusion of each project. It is my aim to teach myself to see in a very specific manner that allows the undeniable image an opportunity to spawn until the vision is complete. An innate surveillance of the initiative that hemorrhages forth the specific and general information defines the boundaries between a hypothesis and fruition. An understanding of the spectator's position is intended to give the witness all the introspection they desire, without a severe definition of purpose.

The autobiographical nature is rooted so deep that one may have no knowledge of it at all. In finding the solution to each work the initial concept must be purged several times to embalm the overall purity of the piece. The use of triggers to make connections is critical to unleashing the more imminent information while obscuring the inferior backdrop. My questioning and hunt for an image becomes the genesis and path along which my work travels. This excursion must be open and broad, and not focused on termination. I draw the heart of the action from images of remembrance, past and present, recollections of objects used, populations destroyed, manifestation of moments, or extensive passages of time. I must include everything, and yet, all may be removed in order for me to feel the tension and presence of recalled emotion.

With each painting, I undertake a search for an engaging image with no pre-existing plan. The human essentials of space, time, place, landscape, and light are the perceptual cues that I use (however ambiguous or diffuse they may appear). I am motivated by the inherent contradictions in painting: its physicality, its misleading potential. I use the medium -the process itself-sometimes spontaneously, sometimes progressively, to generate the finished work. As much as each work is a result of a number of processes, the sum of canvas and paint, each is also an image that is conjured and visualized through the medium, spurred by the qualities of paint. The work automatically exists through the evidence of its incarnation, but also can imply a fiction that belies its resources. 



Exploring the Vibrant Westville Gallery Scene in New Haven

Westville Gallery, located in the historic Westville Village of New Haven, Connecticut, is more than just an art exhibition space; it is a cultural cornerstone that embodies the rich artistic spirit of the community. Established as part of The Frame Shop & Westville Gallery, LLC, and later expanded under the Da Silva Gallery name in 2010, the gallery has become a pivotal venue for showcasing diverse artistic talents.

Historical Context and Development

The Westville area, originally named "West Field" and later Hotchkisstown, has a storied history dating back to its early milling days in the late 17th century. The village became an industrial hub in the 19th century, significantly contributing to New Haven's economic growth. This historical backdrop provides a rich context for the contemporary cultural landscape of Westville, including its transformation into a vibrant arts district.

The Art Scene in Westville

Westville is renowned for its deep and committed artistic community. The neighborhood is home to numerous galleries, studios, and arts-related events that attract artists and art enthusiasts alike. The Westville Gallery, in particular, plays a significant role in this thriving cultural milieu. It hosts a variety of exhibitions that range from traditional painting and sculpture to avant-garde installations, providing a platform for both emerging and established artists.

Notable Exhibitions and Artists

Over the years, Westville Gallery has showcased a wide array of artists and exhibitions. For instance, the gallery featured works by Barry Zaret, a cardiologist turned painter whose landscapes have been displayed in numerous prestigious venues. Another highlight was the solo show by Gordon Skinner, whose expressive portraits are known for their raw honesty and vibrant colors.

The gallery's commitment to diversity in art is evident in its varied programming, which includes everything from local community art projects to internationally recognized works. This inclusive approach not only enriches the local culture but also attracts a broad audience from different walks of life.

Community Engagement and Cultural Events

One of the most significant events in Westville's cultural calendar is the annual Westville ArtWalk. This free, community-based arts festival spans three blocks in Historic Westville Village and Edgewood Park every Mother's Day weekend. The event features live music, art exhibitions, interactive art-making for kids and adults, theater performances, and a bustling artist and artisan market. ArtWalk traditionally attracts around 5,000 visitors, highlighting the community's strong support for the arts.

Additionally, the Westville Village Renaissance Alliance (WVRA) plays a crucial role in fostering economic revitalization and cultural vitality. This non-profit organization collaborates with local businesses, property owners, residents, and public and private institutions to sustain Westville's vibrant artistic community.

Reviews and Reception

The gallery and its events have received positive reviews from both the public and critics. Visitors often praise the gallery for its eclectic mix of art and the quality of its exhibitions. The community-centric approach of events like the Westville ArtWalk has been particularly lauded for creating an inclusive environment that encourages artistic expression and community participation.

Cultural and Social Significance

The cultural significance of Westville Gallery extends beyond the visual arts. It serves as a hub for social interaction and community engagement, helping to strengthen the local social fabric. The gallery and its events provide a space where people can come together to appreciate art, exchange ideas, and foster a sense of community.

The gallery's role in promoting local artists and providing them with a platform to reach wider audiences cannot be overstated. This support helps sustain the careers of local artists and contributes to the cultural economy of New Haven.


Westville Gallery stands as a testament to the enduring power of art to bring people together and enrich communities. Its history, diverse exhibitions, community events, and cultural significance make it a vital part of New Haven's artistic landscape. For anyone interested in experiencing the vibrant arts scene of Westville, the gallery offers a welcoming and inspiring destination. Whether you are a seasoned art aficionado or a casual visitor, Westville Gallery promises a rich and engaging cultural experience.